White Wallz

With my ’56 hopefully out of the paint shop next week, I have been searching for some 3″ wide white walls to add to the Chief.  Its going to have a matte hot-rod black base paint job with red scallops down the sides.  I decided to keep all the chrome trim on, which is not typical for hot/rat rod type cars, but I love all the chrome on there and can’t imagine her without it.  I think its going to turn out great!

Anyway, its got some radial 225/75 R15’s on there right now with the small 1/2″ white stripe.  I want this thing to look like a classic cruiser, so I have been checking around for some bigger whites, and I wanted bias ply tires so it looks original.  I found a couple sets on Craigslist, one guy up in the Bay Area, and another up in Oregon.  The guy in Norcal had a brand new, never mounted set of 3″ white walls, BFGoodrich Silvertown 820-15’s.  He offered to sell them to me for $465 shipped.  I almost went on that deal, but decided to check on the set in Oregon first.  They are re-treaded Firestone Bias Ply 820-15’s.  Never been mounted since they were retreaded.  This guy offered to ship them to me for $225 out the door.  I ended up going with this deal, they looked decent in the pics, and I don’t drive the car all that often, so I don’t care if they are slightly used.  Apparently it is quite common to re-tread bias ply tires, but you can’t do it on radials.



I know they will fit my stock 15″ wheels that are still on the car, but I posted up on the HAMB


and have had some responses that people think they may be a little big, and will rub when turning.  Apparently the car originally had 710-15’s, so these 820’s are about 2″ taller than the stock ones.  Since the car isn’t lowered (yet), I’m pretty sure they will fit in there, the wheel wells are huge.  I just hope there isn’t any problems with rubbing.  We’ll see, and regardless, for the price I got these bad boys, I’m sure I could throw them back up on CL and sell them if they won’t fit.  A new set of these tires run $930, so this is a hell of a deal.

More pictures and updates when I have em!

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