First Time Golfing

Went out golfing with Kjo and Jbi today – my first golf experience.  We went up to the Lomas Santa Fe executive course in Solana Beach, which is a par 3 course, nothing really longer than 140 yards.  I have been to a driving range a few times over the years, but never played a full 18 holes.  Rented a couple of golf carts, loaded up on beer, and headed it.

I managed to scrape together a (mostly) complete set of clubs between what Cam and Adam had, and god damn it was a lot of fun.  I did pretty well for my first time – Kjo has been playing a lot lately and he shot a 87, Jbi managed a 90, and I came in last, but not by much with a 95.  It was a great day for it, cold, cloudy and overcast, but great weather that I preferred over sunny and hot.

Overall, a great way to spend a sunday afternoon – drinking beer with some buddies…and I severely underestimated just how fun playing golf actually is.  There is a lot of strategy and technique to the game, something I realized will take a little more work than just playing Tiger Woods on XBOX!

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