Creating a WordPress Plugin

I want to create a wordpress plugin…something I’ve never attempted before.  I found something I want to add to my blog that I can not find a plugin for that someone has created already, so I want to create it myself.  My plan is to create on called “What I’m Playing”.  It will basically replace the “What I’m Playing” section on the bottom of my blog currently.  I just created this by manually editing my blog template and adding in the video game box art images.  This sucks when I want to add a new game to the list and remove an older one.  So my plan is to create a plugin that allows you to use the Amazon API to search for box art from Amazon, and have the images link to that item at Amazon, where someone could purchase the game with my Amazon reseller code in the URL so I could get credit for it.  (Thats kind of a future wish, I really just initially want to ge the box art images up and running where you can easily switch them up.)

I got this idea from Matt Brett’s blog (  I have always loved his currently playing/looking forward to section, and I’m not sure exactly how he is doing it.  But I know if I could build this, there would be tons of people who want to use it.

Anyway, thats the plan.  I’m not too experienced using web services to query the Amazon information, or in using PHP to create the plugin, but with some help from programmer friends I think I can find a way to do it.

Stay Tuned…

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