Dezert Fun

Last weekend Evan, Moto, Me, and the girls headed out to the desert for the first annual WBSD desert trip. Mike, Metis, the DBG Crew, Kelli, and a bunch of other people were out there. It was a great time, with some good partying and lots of sweet riding in the dunes. I have never ridden my new CRF 450 flat out before, let alone in dunes, so we mounted up some paddles and had a blast. My bike runs great, tons of power, and those dunes are so much fun to rip up. Here’s some pics:

Gary’s buggy. This thing hauls ass. We went on a ride hitting almost 80mph tearing through the dunes. It was BA.

Mini Moto – taking a break up on top of suicide mountain

Me with my sick CRF in the background. This is God’s Country.

Evan ran into some trouble bombing his truck around. Apparently $6000 in suspension doesn’t mean shit in soft sand.

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