Looks Like I’m in for Surgery – Torn Rotator Cuff

I have been having a lot of trouble with my left shoulder lately.  I dislocated it in high school, and it has been wierd ever since, discloating when surfing, and since I’ve been wakeboarding hard core over the past year, it has been dislocated quite a bit.  At first it was pretty easy to pop it back in when it would dislocate, but lately it has been popping out and I can’t get it back in.  Even worse – it has started to come out in my sleep.  I’ll be sleeping with my arm stretched out, and in my sleep I will roll over on it and pop it out of the socket.  This has happened twice in the past couple weeks, and when its out, I can not get it back in.

The other day I woke up at 4:30 am and Danielle had rolled over on it and it dislocated.  I was up for the next 45 minutes, and could not get it back in.  She literally got up and got her laptop and was looking up how to put it back in the joint.  Finally I was able to pop it in by rolling over on it, but for the rest of the day, my entire arm was completely numb with a dull aching pain inside it.

Also, a couple weeks ago it came out in my sleep again, and I could not get it back in (this was around 3am), so I fell asleep with it out, and woke back up again around 5am with it still out, and then just forced it back in.

So anyway, it has slowly been getting worse, and now that the summer is about over and the good wakeboarding weather is fading, I figured its time to get it checked out.  I went to the doctor on friday, and had it checked, and found out exactly what I was dreading – I have torn the ligaments in my arm.  The Dr. said That I have just made it worse by continuing to ride and pop it out more and more, and that since its happened too many times, but arm is getting used to it being dislocated, and the muscles spasm when its out, and its going to get harder and harder to put back in.

Anyway…long story made slightly less long – I have to get X-rays/MRI tomorrow, then I have a referral to an orthopedic surgeon sometime next week.  We’ll have to discuss the best route (he pretty much said theres not really any other choice but surgery) and then get it scheduled.

Found some interesting info on the surgery here:

  • http://www.shoulderpainsolutions.com/commonproblems/tornrotatorcuff.asp
  • http://orthopedics.about.com/cs/rotatorcuff/a/rotatorcuff.htm

Wish me luck!

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