Your Mama Recommends NOD32!

Found this video from one of Russian Distributors.  D

Financial Crisis

With the economy going to shit, this really was a fine time to get out of school and start trying to establish a life – especially in southern california!  No one could really foresee how bad things were… Read More

How Business Works

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Looks Like I’m in for Surgery – Torn Rotator Cuff

I have been having a lot of trouble with my left shoulder lately.  I dislocated it in high school, and it has been wierd ever since, discloating when surfing, and since I’ve been wakeboarding hard core over the… Read More

Excited Kids

A couple of the best videos I have ever seen.  Check out how excited these retarded kids get.  I remember getting really excited about stuff for Christmas and all – but damn this is above and beyond!

Please Dont Ruin My Fantasy

This is a great article from SI.? Hilarious!? I don’t really spend enough time on my fantasy team for Danielle to say anything about it…but maybe she has that complaint about my cars, motorcycles, boat, computer, xbox….:) Please… Read More