Surgery Went Great

So my mom had her surgery today, and it couldn’t have gone any better.  She went in around 6:30 for a test to see if cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, the results were exactly what we were hoping – negative.  So then she went in to surgery to remove what was left of the lump after 18 week of chemo.  It only took about an hour, and she was out in recovery.  We were out of hospital by 1:30 and got her home to sleep for a couple hours.

Shes up now and definitely in some pain, but seems to be doing all right.  Should take a couple weeks to heal, and after that she should be in great shape.  Its been tough with her cancer, but everything has gone as smooth as possible, so we are very lucky for that.  I’m going hang around up here through wednesday, and just help out wherever I can.

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