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Heading up to 909 on Saturday to spend some time with my parents before my moms surgery on Monday to remove whats left of her breast cancer.  She has been undergoing chemo the past 18 weeks, and the lump has pretty much shrunk to the point that its extremely small, and they will just be removing it and the surrounding area on monday.  I’m going to head up to Upland and hang out with them, and probably just work from there m-weds.  WIll be good to spend some time with them and to finally be at the end of this shitty journey of my mom being sick.  Overall, she has handled it really really well, and it hasn’t been anywhere near as hard as I have heard from other people, so I’m thankful for that.

I had a funny IM convo with a friend of mine I haven’t seen since my freshman year of college in Santa Barbara, and who now lives in Denver, CO and married a girl that we also went to school with.  This girl and i never really dated, but had kind of a thing for each other, and kissed ONCE in  the stairway of our dorms.

So he randomly messages me today, and I haven’t talked to him in about 6 years.  He informs me of all the information I just disclosed, and tells me that that kiss had more impact than I knew about!

jlane8000: Nice work bro. Wow, that sounds hard. I ended up going to the University of Denver and majoring in Finance.Did you hear I actually married ***********! We actually talk about your kiss with her more than you’d HAHA WHAT didnt know you got married! I remember a long time ago you said something about getting together with her jlane8000: I got your sloppy secondsme: seriously? Whats she doing talking about that stuff – shes on to bigger and better things now!jlane8000: It was a great story. I was jealous of you getting it in the haha

Pretty funny.  Wierd how shit you totally forgot about just pops up out of nowhere and makes you remember all sorts of things.  Those 3 years in Santa Barbara were good times.  Learned a lot about people, life, and did a lot of growing up.  Had a chat with Casey “Deuce” Cress today as well, who is on tour with some band and currently somewhere in Nevada or something…sounds like things are going well for him too.

And on that note, I’m out.  Its Danielle’s birthday, so I’m gonna go hang out with her tonight after I finish up some working.

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