Fun Day at San V

We went out to San V yesterday for a morning sesh, and had a pretty good time.

got the pass for the slalom course, and had some good riding up until we headed out around 12.  Ran into Buzz, Sponge, and Dennis out there, so they came over to the slalom course and drank some beers and rode for a while.  Pretty crazy when we were leaving, saw a friend of ours pull up and he said they had been waiting in Line for over an hour – apparently the lake was at max cap (100 boats) all morning, and people had to leave before they let more on.  Pretty crazy…I haven’t ever seen a line like that at the lake.  Thats why Danielle’s dad always tells me its worth getting up early and going out – you have to get the good water and not wait in line!

Looking forward to the meet up on Aug 31!

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