Glove Incident Follow Up

Yesterday morning I logged into gmail to find a new email waiting for me from the “Glove Guy”.  The email was titled “Whats Up Dip Shit“.  It read as follows:

so you ready to split your gear up yet?  I mean really, all BS aside, do you really think someone is going to look through craigslist and say to themselves hey I need a helmet… and a jacket… and a pair of gloves, this guy has everything I’m looking for.  Chances are the person who is on here is only looking for one of those things.
So what do you say, let’s try this again,
hey man how much would you sell just the gloves for?  I have cash in hand, and could pick them up tonight.  thanks and have a great day Ian!
also sorry about the the subject line, your not a dip shit.
hahaha what an asshole!
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