Stuck in A Rut in the T&T Life Cycle

Back to a long non-posting rut as I sometimes have here on T&T…Its hard to stay in the groove of blogging every day, especially when you are running multiple blogs.  I don’t even have a whole lot of time for this post seeing as its 4 minutes past midnight, and I need to head to bed as I’m leaving for Hollywood in the morning.

My friend Laura has been in town from Australia for the past 2 weeks, and we have been super busy doing just about everything there is to do in SoCal.  I took this week off work, and we have headed to Havasu, Sea World, Padres Game, Downtown, The Zoo, and tomorrow -Hollywood / LA.  Its been awesome, as I haven’t even done any of the tourist stuff and I have lived in SD for over 4 years now.  My parents came down on monday, and they have been hanging out doing stuff with us too, so Its been a super busy, hectic, and totally awesome week!

I will have tons of pictures and updates about her entire trip in an upcoming post, not to mention all the insanely cool stuff I have in store for WBSD, along with some new web design jobs I have coming up, Awesome plans for a river trip with Dani for the 4th, and a million other things that make up the way-too-busy but extremely awesome life of Ian.  Stay Tuned!

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