Early Summer Update

Everything went well with the commercial.  Headed out the bay at 3 and loaded the boat in the water.  Pretty much just anchored with Evan anchored in an 1800 MX across from me, and then a Kayot took off in between us.  I think its going to turn out pretty cool, and it should start airing on Thursday from they said, so keep an eye out!

Things are rolling on the new boat purchase.  The dealership is working on our financing options right now, and the order is already in on having a custom galvanized and painted trailer built.  We are about three weeks out on pickup.  Until then we are trying our best to sell our Maxum, because the dealership can offer us an even better price if we don’t have to trade in.  Regardless, It should work out one way or another, and then it will be heading over to DBG Concepts for some heavy customization.  It will be used for some advertising for DBG and Wakeboard SD, so they are designing a custom tower for it, and installing an insane stereo system.  More details to follow.

Also, unfortunately, to afford the downpayment on the new craft, I’m going to be selling my FZR 600.  I hate to get rid of it, but I don’t want to pull into my savings account to afford the downpayment since I’m saving up for a house, and I can do without my bike as I’d rather have the sickest wakeboard boat known to man.  Therefore, I’m putting her up on CL for $2500.  This is a sweet bike, in perfect shape with only 10k miles on it.  Check out some more pics on Picasa HERE.

So, thats the news.  My friend Laura is coming out from Australia in a couple weeks, she flies in on the 15th at LAX, and is staying for 2 weeks.  I’m super stoked as we are heading out for Havasu on that thursday, and then have the next week off of work!  It will be the first vacation I have had since I finishing up college, so I am stoked!

And thats that in the world of Ian.

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