Stuck in A Rut in the T&T Life Cycle

Back to a long non-posting rut as I sometimes have here on T&T…Its hard to stay in the groove of blogging every day, especially when you are running multiple blogs.  I don’t even have a whole lot of… Read More

Pics of the New Calabria

Sounds like we’re going to be picking up on friday!

Run XBMC From a Thumb Drive

This is more a link so I remember to try this.  But we run XMBC on our old xbox at home and use it to play movies, music, everything over the network off all of our computers.  Lifehacker… Read More

Early Summer Update

Everything went well with the commercial.  Headed out the bay at 3 and loaded the boat in the water.  Pretty much just anchored with Evan anchored in an 1800 MX across from me, and then a Kayot took… Read More

Headed Out For the Commercial Shoot

I’ll try and take some pics….going wakeboarding afterwards since we’ll be out in the bay anyway, so we’ll see what happens!

Tomorrow I’m a Movie Star!

Or at least a commercial star.  Hipp Marine has asked us to be in their commercial they are filming in Mission Bay tommorrow.  Since we have one of their newer boats and its all tricked out with all… Read More