Amazing Beer Pong Shots

As a comment on this vid says that this guy must be training for BeerFest.

I completely agree!

And some further analysis by Deuce and I:

[09:48] thegunshow: actually watch it two more times with me…and an 18 pack of the most refreshing beer on earth
[09:49] BetterOffAloneSB: you arent referring to Coors Light are you
[09:49] thegunshow: you know me all to well sir
[09:49] BetterOffAloneSB: agreed
[09:59] thegunshow: you know what movie really changed my life…
[10:00] BetterOffAloneSB: what
[10:00] BetterOffAloneSB: CB Hustlers
[10:00] thegunshow: beerfest… i hope it had the same impact on your life as it did mine and you we able to absorb it’s message in its entirety
[10:01] BetterOffAloneSB: absolutely
[10:02] thegunshow: good
[10:06] thegunshow: i dont know what to say about this…
[10:06] thegunshow: you dont need sound
[10:11] BetterOffAloneSB: fuck
[10:11] BetterOffAloneSB: that is amazing
[10:12] thegunshow: i will never play beer pong again knowing that guy exists
[10:18] BetterOffAloneSB: yeah
[10:18] BetterOffAloneSB: he is a true champion
[10:19] thegunshow: we should invite him over
[10:22] BetterOffAloneSB: i only play for respect
[10:22] BetterOffAloneSB: and street cred
[10:23] thegunshow: i play for the love of the game…i’m not all caught up in the glitz and glamour and the ugly corporate franchise side of beer pong
[10:24] thegunshow: i’ve turned down British Knights and fubu endorcements on many different occasions
[10:29] thegunshow: i’m sorry if my true love for the sport offends you… but you dont have to stop talking
[10:29] BetterOffAloneSB: no it doesnt offend
[10:29] BetterOffAloneSB: i was just crying silently
[10:29] BetterOffAloneSB: because what you said is beautiful
[10:29] BetterOffAloneSB: I know how much you like BKs
[10:31] BetterOffAloneSB: and reeboks with the straps
[10:31] BetterOffAloneSB: (with the straps)
[10:34] thegunshow: i’m a true poet ian…both in word…and in tiny red balls in shimmering red cups. Seeing the golden spray bursting from each cup showering the greenest of pasturse of a beer pong table with each sunken pong ball is all the reward i ever need.
[10:35] thegunshow: Sure… I do love the reebok pump… but i love the game more.
[10:37] BetterOffAloneSB: I completely agree Deuce. You personally know that no truer words have ever been spoken than when I say I love nothing more than sighting up a shot truer than with robin hoods bow, arcing that miniature sphere through the clouds in a majestic journey that ends with a drop in that candy apple red cup, spraying the contestant with a drop of liquid cooler than the first dip into a pool during summertime
[10:38] BetterOffAloneSB: brb
[10:40] thegunshow: okay… i’ll be here… just thinking about the days of pong…before corporate fat cats like PBR, Uncle Bens and Big Dogs moved in and began to tarnish our noble and game. For it was once that last true and honest form of art.

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