Heading to the River!

My updates have been random at best lately, but when trying to write articles for multiple blogs, its hard to keep them all updated!  www.WakeBoardSD.net has really been taking up quite a bit of my time, so T&T is not feeling as much love as it normally does.  This is ok, judging by my traffic stats, this site is pretty much just my own personal journal (haha).

Anyway, we are heading out to the river today at about 6pm.  Most of the stuff is loaded up, so we just need to hit the road!  WIll be gone thru monday, so hopefully the weather is good out there.  San Diego pretty much sucks right now.  Horrible weather for a memorial day weekend.  Its supposed to be sunnier out by the river, but still in the mid 80’s.  Better than SD, but still not the great weather we were expecting.  I guess with tornado’s touching down in SoCal, nothing is really normal lately!

See ya on monday with tons of pics!

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