Awesome 2008 Blacked Out Supra Launch For Sale on WakeWorld

Check out this thing HERE ! If I had my boat sold, and some extra cash, I would be buying this thing in a second!

Per Jeremy’s Description:

To many custom items to mention. Everything on this boat has been blacked out with a little bit of gold accent. This boat is a real head turner. I blew out my ACL and don’t want it sitting around all summer. The boat only has 50 hours on it’s 340 HP MPI engine and is like new and then some. It was purchased completely loaded out including heater. I have upgraded the ballast to three 1100 lb bags so at the flip of three switches you will have a pro quality wake. The stereo speakers were all changed out to Phoenix Gold Octane R speakers and it sounds amazing. It is wired for two amps but I only have one 5 channel in it right now powering the 6 interior speakers and a Memphis Audio 12 under the drivers dash. The sub is mounted in a custom box and not free air. I have an oversized Optima Yellow Top battery along side the starting battery. The amp rack is built to hold a second amp for tower speakers but I never installed any because the stereo sounded so good without them. I have a one off Rusty Edition Roswell Area 52 Tower to help the boat stand out. The to wer is matte black with gold trim and I powdercoated the Supra mirror arm to match. Everything has been powdercoated, painted or anodized black. I even took all of the Stainless hardware and had it dipped in a black oxide bath to darken their color.

A steal at $59,995 firm.

Click here for more pictures.

So Sick! We have been looking into buying a new wake boat, either a moomba or calabria, but from what I understand, the Supra’s are the nicer model Moomba’s. Would definitely turn some heads in this thing, plus it looks like it throws an awesome wake. Even the rims on that trailer are sick!
Let me know if you would like to make a donation so I can pick up this boat!

(Borrowed from my article HERE )

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