San V on Friday, and a Weekend Wedding

I have been super busy lately developing, so haven’t had a ton of time to post over here.  So many projects going on its hard to stay involved in all of them!  I wrote up a quick review of the trip and threw up some pics over on the WBSD site, so check them out over HERE.

Then on saturday, Dani, Evan, Jamie and I headed up to my parents house for the weekend because of my good friends Corinne and Collin’s wedding.  It was up at Green Mountain Ranch in Lytle Creek – turned out to be a pretty cool place for a wedding, great weather, and open bar!  We ended up getting pretty lit up, and had an awesome time.  I’m really happy for the two of them as they have been together for almost 9 years!  Collin is a firefighter in Hemet or somewhere around there, I know they will have an awesome life together.

It seems like wedding season is coming up, everyone is getting married this summer!  Made me think about life and growing up at some point.  When people younger than me are getting married, it makes me think about how my life will change some day.  I just see a lot of people getting together who aren’t very well off or self sufficient, but I know they just enjoy being together.  I just want to make sure that I can afford everything and be completely well off, so that if I ever really get to that point, I can really enjoy life with, and

take good care of, someone.  But I think my brother and I are doing all right –  how beautiful are these two!

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