SDSU Drug Bust!

Man, where was all the fun stuff like this when I was in college?  We never had awesome, campus wide drug busts where frat tools were getting rounded up in handcuffs!  Turned out to be a pretty huge bust, with 6 fraternities being kicked off campus, and 96 students arrested.  Really makes me proud to be an SDSU alumni!

I was aware of this shit going on at state, but had no idea just how big the operation was.  Seriously, there is drug use going on at every college (including private religious ones!) across the nation.  You can’t stop it.  But its always surprising just how organized the distribution and supply systems are.  These kids should have been business majors! haha

Anyway, this has been a busy day of web design.  Finally got around to tearing into the galleries that were down on both and  These two sites were using the Joomla Expose Flash Gallery components that broke when Chase upgraded to a new server.  Found a cool new component called RS Gallery, a little less flashy but looks stable nonetheless.  5+ hours of work, but it feels good finally get something done.  Maybe now Chad can fix the amp on our boat! HA!

I’m sick of looking at a computer.  See ya!

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