Amazing Beer Pong Shots

As a comment on this vid says that this guy must be training for BeerFest. I completely agree! And some further analysis by Deuce and I: [09:48] thegunshow: actually watch it two more times with me…and an 18… Read More


A GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING FOR CEOs By HERBERT MEYER This is a paper presented several weeks ago by Herb Meyer at a Davos, Switzerland meeting which was attended by most of the CEOs from all the major international… Read More

New Boat? Maybe…

Its still in the works…but our 2007 Maxum 1800 SR3 may be trading in soon in exchange for a 2008 Calabria Pro-V wakeboard boat. More to come…. Oh and I don’t feel like doing a whole write… Read More

Shit I Hate About Blogging

“Shit” might sound plural, like there are multiple things I hate about it…but I’m really writing this in regards to just one thing I really really really hate about blogging.  Well, actually multiple now because I just thought… Read More

Heading to the River!

My updates have been random at best lately, but when trying to write articles for multiple blogs, its hard to keep them all updated! has really been taking up quite a bit of my time, so T&T… Read More

Awesome 2008 Blacked Out Supra Launch For Sale on WakeWorld

Check out this thing HERE ! If I had my boat sold, and some extra cash, I would be buying this thing in a second! Per Jeremy’s Description: To many custom items to mention. Everything on this boat… Read More

Downtown Hilton Explodes

Anyone hear about this?  I work a couple of blocks away, heard about it on the news, but I don’t even think I heard it or felt the explosion.  Pretty crazy when that happens nearby!  Hope they aren’t… Read More