Evan Gets pwned by his Own Online Community

This is classic. Hilarious. I seriously laughed out loud at work when he sent this to me.


Evan, the creator of www.DezertDimes.com, a S10/Sonoma pre runner truck online forum, is trying to sell his truck to the guys that joined his forum for his support! What a hypocrite. No wonder they shred him to pieces as soon as they read his post.

God the replies are hilarious. Some highlights:

Then someone asks why he doesn’t ride his motorcycle more. He initially writes “I hurt my foot”, then edits it and says hell start riding it during summer. So I had to throw in my $.02, so I posted following his:

oh man I can’t wait to watch this escalate. Stay tuned!

Edit* I just pwned him and took a screen shot before finds out. I edited his post and added a new section:

Edit 2* Kjo did a quick Photoshop:

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