Crowning Achievement in Craigslist Deals

nyone who knows my brother and I knows about our little side business. We have been buying and selling cars, trucks, and motorcycles off of craigslist for the past couple years, fixing them up, and reselling for normally double our money. It has actually been pretty lucrative…I picked up my ’97 Honda XR400 dual sport (Green stickered and plated) for $1750 cash, and it was in flawless shape. Used it for a year, and then just sold it for $3000. Thats over $1200 profit! We’ve engineered quite a few deals of this nature, but just finally pulled off the best one yet. Not that there is anything underhanded or shady about what we’re doing, its just that a lot of people have a motorcycle that "has an unfixable electrical problem" that we pick up for $100 and it turns out to be a dead battery, replace it, and sell for $700. A lot of people are ignorant and don’t want to do work themselves, and therefore can’t fix simple problems. This is where we come in and make some serious bank off of them.

Our dad always taught us to fix things ourselves, buying us our first car at 16, a 1966 Ford Mustang. Before we were even allowed to drive it, he made us build working models of V8 engines so we understood everything about them. Then we pulled the car apart and went through it completely. It was an awesome father/sons project, and made me appreciate the knowledge of knowing how to do all this myself.

Back from that tangent, we had recently acquired a couple of older trucks after selling our 1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie 500 . We had a 1977 Dodge Ramcharger with a 318 V8 to tow our boat, which we picked up for $3000 from a local guy.

We used that beast all of last summer to tow the boat the 2 miles from our house to the bay and back. Next, we picked up a 1967 For F250 Camper Special, only because a lady was forced to sell it and we got it for $900. It had a fully built 352 long block, and hauled ass. Anyway, this was just an investment, intended to be used for a bigger deal down the line. All in all we had about $4500 invested in these two trucks after repairs, but we wanted something reliable to tow the boat long distances (Havasu) this summer.

WIth these two beasts sitting out front of our house, it looked like a trailer park, and we started looking for something better for towing. A guy up in Ventura contacts us a couple days ago about his 2004 F150 with the 5.4l V8, fully loaded. He inherited the truck and wants to trade it for both. 90,000 miles, rebuilt trans. It was a work truck, but is still in great shape. He came down yesterday, and we swapped straight up. She needs a few minor things, putting on new rotors this weekend, and prob shocks too, and I’m on the lookout for a set of tires…but trading $4500 worth of Old iron for $10,000 worth of F150 is a hell of a deal no matter how you put it!

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