Outsourcing Your Life

One of the books I have been intending to read is The Four Hour Work Week. I have heard good things about it, and truthfully, I am really just interested in cutting a day out of my work schedule. I hate getting stuck in the grind of working 9 hours every day only to get home, take care of a couple things before passing out and getting back up the next morning to do it all over again. Then I try to pack as much fun as I possibly can into the two days I have off for my weekend, before its back to doing it all over again. The only positive is that weeks tend to fly by when you are in such a repetitive grind, but god damn does it start to wear on you. Thats why when a buddy of mine sent me this link about Outsourcing Your Life in an attempt to achieve a condensed work week, I began to question if this could really be done. Intriguing:


I borrowed that image from his site, but look at all the cool stuff he has time to do in that extra day!  Turn into a woman and get a massage, turn back into a dude and go skiing down mount everest, and enjoy an African sunset in the middle of the sahara desert.  I WANT THAT LIFE!  Well, maybe not the woman/massage part.  Well, I like women, and massages, but I don’t want to be one.  Anyway…

With such cheap outsourcing in India (I think he paid $4-10 per hour for outsourced assistants), why not do this to delegate the menial tasks that you are assigned with day to day? Granted, their English is not flawless, and you pretty much get what you pay for, but if these people can take care of your searching and reporting research for you, hey why not? This sparked an idea for me – why not start a blog that is written, inadvertently, by outsourced Indian personal assistants. Every day I could pass off a research topic to them to have formatted for a blog post ready for the next day. Essentially it could be my blog, containing topics I would love to write about but don’t have the time, and the content is created from their perspective. This could be a pretty interesting experiment in outsourced Blogging. “Outblogging“? no? “BlogSourcing“? Not web 2.0 enough? hmm… I’ll have to think this one over. What do you think?

On another note. I’m burnt out. I need to drink a bottle of wine tonight. SeeYuh!

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