Friday and Handlebars

My buddy Matt at work is obsessed with this song. It’s good, its growing on me, although I’m not sure why.

By some Denver hip hop group called “Flobots”. God damn it, now its stuck in my head. Not to mention that fuckin Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up” is permantly burned into my neurons, thanks to the irresponsible amount of RickRolling that has been going around. I have pwned just about everyone I know, and it has been hilarious. I even pwned my unwitting intern today. He didn’t even see it coming. BAM!

In other news, check out, a site Matt and I have been developing to compete with the popular OpenId login system. But instead of passing your credentials through the host site, ours stores it on a secure database on, therefore anyone can use it on any site, and be assured that the host isn’t grabbing their information when logging in! I think it could possibly be the next big thing in distributed identification across domains. Check it out and let us know what you think? Hopefully some day it could get picked up by Myspace, Facebook, and who knows what else. Hey, we can dream!

Aside from that ish, today is wrapping up to be a pretty good friday. Went to the Gym during lunch, which is awesome because I get out of the damn office for an hour, and then I don’t have to go when I get home, when I have pretty much 0% motivation to go. But around 12 in the afternoon I have 100% motivation to get the fuck out of the office, even to exercise! Plus, there is a 24 Hour Fitness in Horton Plaza, and if anyone knows traffic and parking in downtown San Diego – its a mess. Luckily, there is free motorcycle parking right across the street, and I ride my bike a couple days a week, so it works out perfectly!

From 2007 Maxum 18…

Other news… Tomorrow I think we are heading out to San Vicente in the morning for some wakeboard. We delayed taking the boat in and just picked up the prop to put on. The amp for the new speakers is backordered, so we told DBG Concepts to just wait until they had all the stuff we wanted before taking the boat in. After that, there is a ceremony for the installation of the Alumni Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, which I am a founding member. After that, a bit of a cocktail party, which I’m sure will turn into a complete mess and last pretty late into the night. Hopefully following up on Sunday with some more wakeboarding, and then finishing up the College Funding Solutions website sunday night.

My mom went in for her first round of chemo yesterday, and in for some more today. After this I think its just once a week for the next 17 weeks. She is in good health and spirits, so I’m hoping it continues.

I’m out!

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