Project Updates

Lots going on lately! Heres all the fun I am involved in:

Evan’s boss at Accel RF apparently owns  This domain, as you can probably guess, gets a fair amount of traffic from people trying to reach, for the open source HTTP server software.  Based on this traffic alone, the site has done pretty well, but just had ads up on it.  We (Redline Designworks, in conjunction with our web host, Chase Hosting)  we will be soon forwarding requests to to our site, and have built an Apache community – not just a link farm.  We are hoping to attract enough people to actually build a thriving community, since there are thousands of people using the apache server and no formal community for it.  This could prove to be a pretty beneficial and lucrative venture to both us and the community.  Stay tuned for progress updates!  And check out my first article I posted up there.


Insane amounts of ass-whupping have been taking place recently, mostly in the arena of COD4 thanks to the release of the new Variety Map Pack.   Thanks to this sweet deal, the whole crew (EddieMcClintock, Hecknut, KillerMcGurk, DefJeff, PrisonLuv4U, TaperingPlanB) have all been logging some hours pwning noobs on Xbox Live.  These new maps have definitely breathed some new life into a game I had been slightly neglecting, and I have finally got past the point I was stuck at, leveling up to 26 in just a couple days.  Good to finally get ahead on this, as nothing takes out frustration like some serious gaming.  We also got into a bit of a turf war with some Canadian d-bags on Live last night, which turned into a US v CA all out cage match.  Shit talking was quite verbose as we dove into battle, and CA came out just slightly ahead after a few rounds.  Look forward to a rematch.


I have been spending quite a bit of time working on a new website for College Funding Solutions.  Its a new site that RLDW Is developing for a local company who provide funding options for student loans, etc.  We brought on a friend of mine, Matt Morrison to do some of the more in depth programming, which should prove to be pretty beneficial as we can now accept some larger and more complex projects., our online wakeboarding community, should be seeing a bit of a revival soon, since it will be partnered with the community over at Chase Hosting and Dezertboard.  It will be headlining a new “extreme sports” element to the community, and will hopefully be the first of many similar additions.

In other news, the boat should be going in to DBG Concepts (A RLDW Designed Site) shop soon to undergo the next set of improvements.  Our 2007 Maxum 1800 SR3 will soon be sporting the following:

 So, thats a quick update of the things going on in my world.  A lot of exciting projects and hardly any free time.  I’m hoping to head out to the desert to do some riding on saturday, then an Alpha Kappa Psi Alumni Chapter Installation ceremony and party saturday night, so it should be a pretty busy weekend.  I’m sure it will fly by like they all do, and before I know it, it’ll be monday again and I’ll be starting the neverending cycle all over again.  Its coming up on some time for a vacation soon…I can feel it.

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