Yahoo Live – WTF

I set up an account on Yahoo Live – and still can’t understand why anyone would want to watch it. I checked out the crap a few other people were broadcasting, and I guess its kind of interesting, mindless entertainment…but at the same time its kind of creepy. They allow you to broadcast from your webcam, and people who are watching your broadcast show their live feeds beneath yours. Kind of a cool idea, I can see it apply to podcasting or other kind of broadcasting applications, but it seems that it will mostly be used for awkward old losers to perve out while watching the occasional chick talk about nonsense on her webcam. I noticed the one channel that had a girl broadcasting had a bout 50 people watching it, and the ones who had their cams on were awkward, creepy old dudes. Regardless, here is my channel, if I’m ever on, check it out, although I have no idea what I would talk about!

I also have it set up permanently on the T&T about page, if you ever want to see if I’m using it in the future. This would have been really cool a couple years ago when we were doing the D-Cast!

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