A Weekend Update

Here is whats going on in the world of me:

  • My mom went in to surgery around 5:45 this morning, was done around 9.  I talked to her this afternoon and she sounds fine.  They put in a "port" into a vein near her collarbone so when she starts chemo next thursday they will be able to do it much easier.  She is in good health and staying positive!
  • Probably heading to the desert tomorrow morning to do some riding with Dani, Moto cam and whoever else wants to go.
  • I’m tired.  Worked until midnite on weds, and haven’t slept much since.  Trying to decide if I want to try happy hour tonight, or just get my bike tuned and then get some sleep.
  • THIS ARTICLE about uber-nerds LARPing is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  It makes me hate them, and be really jealous at the same time because being a level 10 paladin in real life would be mega-awesome.
  • Another article from wired about a deep-sea salvage crew rescuing a sinking 654 foot cargo ship had me pretty interested today too, check it out HERE .

Anyway, thats about it.  I’m headed out for the weekend.  Have a great one! 😆

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