Pure pwnage: Evan Gets RickRolled. Then Duck Rolled

So Evan and I have this conversation at around 2:45, and I learn what RickRolling is: hahaq i just rick rolled jansen Ian: what is that Evan: serious? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_roll#.22Rickroll.22_Internet_phenomenon its wehn you make somebody go to the rick… Read More

An Update

Just got a free minute and thought I would post about whats been going on lately. Found out my mom has breast cancer, so I’m just waiting to find out more information and see what they are going… Read More

A Break From T&T

Hi. Sorry to say my posting on here will probably be sporadic for a while. There are some issues going on with my family, and my mom’s health, stuff I don’t really want to talk about on here…so… Read More