Who Remembers Mechwarrior

I don’t too many people who grew up as obsessed with the Mechwarrior games, Battletech universe, and FASA board games, but thanks to my cousin Steve, my brother and I sure did.  I have been wanting to recount the awesome Mech memories I have for quite some time now…so on that note:

Mechwarrior 2

Who remembers possibly the most awesome intro video to any game.  It took my breath away.  I was so stoked to get my ass inside a Mech and start laying waste to the Wolf Clan. 

I remember the first time I saw it – on a friends computer, I went straight home and begged my dad to upgrade our system so we could play this game.  I had played Mechwarrior 1 so many times, that these graphics literally blew me away.

Mechwarrior 1

This is what got me hooked.  Customizing a mech, jump jets, insane loadouts…remember the fucking Battlemaster!  The biggest, most badass death-dealing machine I had ever seen, even in poor VGA graphics.  Everyone started running a Pheonix Hawk, or a quick but lightly armored Jenner.

mw1boxmw1phoenixhawk mw1title

God this game changed my life by its sheer awesomeness.  I have even loaded it up on DOSBox a few times just to lay some waste.

Battletech – Crescent Hawks Revenge and Inception

These two gave me a taste of some role playing in the Battletech universe.  I was Jason Youngblood – out for revenge in the inner sphere.  When Revenge came along, the graphics were so sweet!



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