I’m aware of the lack of posting around here lately, but there is good reason for it! I’ve taken on a couple of new projects that I can’t really mention on here, work has stepped up some as well, and things have just been pretty busy overall. Got my tattoo colored and shaded in last night, sat there for nearly 3 hours and then called it quits – still not quite done, but its almost there!

In other news – installed my new exhaust pipe on my bike this weekend – it sounds totally awesome!




A buddy from Dezert Dimes helped me install it and welded it for me. I also ordered new tires and a new chain and sprockets today too, so after that my FZR will pretty much be dialed in.

There are a lot of other really big things going on right now that I can’t mention, but will definitely have an update as they progress! Yay for tomorrow – LOST is on! SeeYuh!

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