A Perfect V-day

First off – Valentines day was perfect.  Like out of a movie perfect.  Like textbook perfect.  I’m proud of myself for pulling it off.  And I wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.  Here is what went down:

-Weds 7:30pm – meet with DGs sister in Mission Valley to give her flowers.  She snuck in to her room thurs morning and left them on her desk while she was asleep so she woke up to an awesome bouquet and a note that said to be at my house @ 6:40, wear a dress, and bring something to sleep in.  Awesome.


Thurs 4:00pm –  Leave work early, head over the Mission Bay Hilton and check in.  Set up the room with flowers on the bed, nice bottle of wine, some candles, my ipod and some speakers.  The room is awesome – they are in the middle of renovating but it looks great.


Thurs 5:00pm – Rush home, change in to a black suit, black shirt and red and black tie.  I look awesome.  I know she will too.  Leave a rose in the passenger seat of my truck for when she gets in.  Keep one other rose with me to give to her when she walks in.  Get kind of nervous.


Thurs 6:45pm – DG shows up, I give her a rose.  I was right, she looks awesome.  Is wearing a red and black dress so we both look awesome together.  She gives me some extremely cool Volcom slippers (which I am stoked to wear tonight, wish I could have worn them to work).  Moto and Evan are still getting ready, she asks where they are going, I say to dinner somewhere, I’m not sure.  We head out.

Thurs 7:10pm – Get to Peohe’s over in Coronado.  The place is awesome.  I tell the hostess I am there for my dinner reservation and she confirms that I have a reservation for 6 people.  I think that DG hears this and that the surprise is spoiled (plus Moto and Evan are late as usual so it wasn’t working out as planned anyway).  We get seated before they get there anyway, and she sees a table for 6 and realizes we have company.  Evan and J show up then Moto and Tiff, and we start ordering drinks. 

     We had previously made an agreement that none of us would act like ourselves that night.  That we would all be perfect gentlemen and discuss politics and social issues and impress the girls.  No…that lasted about 1 drink before we laughing, boozing, making fools out of ourselves and having a damn good time.  We realized that these girls are with us for that reason – this is who we are.  If we weren’t, then we probably wouldn’t be as interesting as we are to be with.  Plus, it all comes back to the comment that Jamie made a long time ago – anywhere we go, we walk in like we own the fucking place with no regard.  And we did just that. 🙂

     Dinner is awesome.  Great food, great friends, good booze, an awesome Valentines day overall.  We head out, get in my truck, and I head to the Hilton.


Thurs 10:00pm – We get to the hotel, head up to the room, and have a couple glasses of wine.  Put on some music…the perfect end to a perfect night.  She said its the best Valentines day she has ever had -and will ever have!  I agree.


To be honest, I’ve never put that much effort into anything, and to have it work out so flawlessly was just about the most awesome experience I have had.  Makes it that much better that it was all for someone who totally deserves it. 


btw.  I think this is funny.  Maybe I’m a pathetic nerd, but I think its funny.  Moto sends me a msg at work that some of our buddies in sales are changing their MSN icons to be the Channel 4 news team from Anchorman.  I have been selected to be Champ Kind – WHAMMY!  Moto is Brick Tamland, Trash Compactor Moseley is Ron Burgandy, Andy is Brian Fantana, and the spot is still open for our opponent, Wes Mantooth. 



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