Happy Valentines Day

Hope everyone has great plans with someone they care about. I set up something pretty awesome for my girl, but won’t be writing about it here until after I pull it off in fear of her reading it before it happens. Anyway, thought it was pretty funny – I dressed up pretty nice today (nice shirt, dress shoes, nice dark jeans) and got a haircut yesterday, and all the ladies at work were telling me I looked so nice. Pretty funny because it made me realize I must look like shit most of the time when I come in to work! Haha. I have just been here for a while, and have got to be pretty comfortable, plus when I started the company was pretty small and the culture was much different…but now working downtown maybe its time to step it up a little bit?

Anyway, will write some more tomorrow about how my night goes – in the meantime, check out www.socwall.com for awesome wallpapers! Random, but I came across some awesome dual monitor stuff.

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