Brianna Quit Drinking? WTF

So coming off quite the hungover weekend, I was inspired by Brianna’s post @ The Stolen Three this morning. She quit drinking. For how long? Who knows, but for some oddly sobering reason, this sentence makes sense:

There is no specific reason or event that caused me to make this decision – it’s kind of a culmination of the fact it’s expensive, I drink too often, and it just isn’t as thrilling as it used to be.

Wow, three truer facts have not been said. Ever. Not to say that I’m giving up drinking, or even cutting back necessarily…its just food for thought. Plenty of weekends I look back and think to myself – “Fuck, self, how did you spend so much money in one weekend – all on booze!”. Or even – where the hell did that weekend go! As for drinking too often…well I pretty much get loaded on friday nights and incapacitate myself for the rest of the weekend, although supercross and PB said otherwise this past weekend. But her stunning revelation challenged me to wonder what my life would be like if I cut booze out completely. What things could I accomplish? Weekends full of productivity, creativity, inspiration, achievement! Hmmm….the possibilities are endless.

Has my life really regressed to the point where I need to drink every weekend? Why do I do it? For lack of something better to do? Because – at this point in life – its what people my age do? I don’t know. Would I really be more motivated to do anything more with my life if I cut alcohol out of it completely? I don’t really have a whole lot of vices…I quit smoking cigarettes almost completely (Save for a slip in Vegas, where just breathing anywhere is comparable to smoking a pack anyway), I don’t smoke anything else or do any other drugs…aren’t I entitled to an ice cold brew every now and then? For health reasons, would I live any longer if I just stopped drinking? Isn’t red wine good for you – and by association so is every other type of booze (Since one glass of red wine inevitably turns multiple glasses of assorted other beverages). Maybe I’m just weak willed. Regardless…Brianna’s experiment has given me the motivation to try one of my own.

As of today, I will quit drinking alcohol. Lets see what I can accomplish!

On second thought. All this typing has made me pretty thirsty. I could really go for a beer. Who am I kidding – I love to party! Good luck to you though Brianna! And thanks for motivating me to do the introspective soul searching I just subjected myself to. Regardless of the outcome its good to do once in a while. But seriously…when you get back in CA – lets have a beer?

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