I’m 25 – Now (So) What?

Yesterday, Feb. 6th, I turned 25.  I am now officially a quarter of a century older.  What did this change?  Well, I can now rent a car…my insurance rates should go down…I guess that’s about it.  You kind of realize when you get birthday cards and there is nothing in them, that you have hit that point.  It’s not really a birthday anymore, or cause for celebration, but more just another notch in the belt, one more year down and another begun.  Not to sound depressing, because I look forward to getting older and seeing what the next stage of life will bring me – its just interesting to reflect on my mid 20’s and see where I was and where I’m going.  I definitely have more now than I ever had, and its a pretty damn good feeling.


On to other news, Big Bob came down yesterday as he was flying out for Boston this morning.  It was great to see Bobbo Potts, the only person to ever score a 10 on the writing assessment, and a man who is so much of a dirt bag he would divide up loose change in to plastic bags containing exactly $1.87 – the exact price of an

Old English 40 oz. during college.  This man now owns his own home in OC and is a teacher.  God damn how we can all change.  I guess I never thought I would be 25, living in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean with my best friends and own a boat either, but I guess we all can accomplish awesome things. 

Hmm…Other interesting news – my friend Laura from Australia booked her tickets and is going to be coming out here in June to visit for 2 weeks.  I’m taking a week off work to show her around, since she has never been to America, and I think we are going to take the boat out to the river for a week and do some serious partying.  Should be an insane time, and hopefully leave her with some good memories of the US!  I haven’t seen her since I stayed with her and her family when I was in Australia at 16!  So its pretty much been 9 years, but we have always kept in touch via email, myspace and facebook, and I’m so stoked were going to have a reunion.


Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week.  Heads up that Supercross is at Qualcomm this weekend!  Tickets are only $10 bucks, we are going to pre party and then jump on the trolley, and then sunday were planning on hitting the dezert to mob on some dunes, so it should turn out to be a pretty awesome, moto-filled weekend.  I’ll have pics of my new ink up tonight.  SeeYuh!

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