Voting Today? Brush up on the Propositions

I am planning on voting tonight on Super Tuesday, although I’m torn with the moral dilemma of voting for who I truly believe should be the next president (Ron Paul, who is at 3% in the polls with 62, 063 votes) and in reality taking away a vote from the Republican party who is essentially trying to get McCain or Romney (36% with 693,508 votes and 31% with 598,188 votes, respectively).  Or should I just vote for someone who has a realistic chance of getting elected  and support the general ideas of the Republican party, which I generally agree with.  I am pretty much a fiscally conservative person, but not too conservative in other aspects as I get older.  I work my ass off for my money and don’t like the liberals throwing it around on increased taxes, welfare, etc.  But my dear Republicans have the problem of mixing up religion with their politics, bitching about issues like gay marriage and abortion – in both I can’t understand why we even care what other people do!  Let gays get married, who cares…let women have abortions – its their body! Not the governments.  But I guess I care more about my money than those issues because I continue to vote republican (there, I said it…Im an asshole).

RonPaulRevolutionJPGAnyway, on to the reason I’m writing this post.  I know what I want to do with my presidential vote – I’m going to vote for Ron Paul regardless because I want to know that even if he doesn’t win, I voted for the person I truly believe would do best for this country, and then when Hillary Clinton ruins all of us and fires off some nukes into Korea because she was on her period and pissed that old Bill got another BlowJ from one of her interns whilst playing a saxophone solo…I’ll sit there in the final moments before they retaliate and say – at least I voted for Ron Paul – I wanted none of this.

Anyway…I digress…the point of this was that I found a breakdown of all the propositions in CA, which I haven’t had much of a chance to study.  In fact, pretty much all I knew of it was that the Indian Casinos are trying to scalp us for even more money!  Don’t get me started on that…no one alive today had anything to do with the past injustices done to the Indians, and they are getting repaid many times over.  Regadless – the reason of this post is that you need to check out the KPBS  website which covers all of the statewide and local propositions for todays voting.


Check out the Statewide Props HERE

Check out the Local Props HERE

and, they have a really cool election map HERE that I was trying to be able to include in this post, but it doesn’t look like they want to allow me to do so.


Anyway, good luck voting today – and take pride in the fact that we live in a country where its fate rests in the hands of the public – there are plenty of other countries that do not have such a luxury. 

On other news, I’m heading over the SaberTooth Tattoo (Just finished building their website yesterday) tonight to start on my other shoulder cap, should be pretty awesome – I will post pictures as soon as I can!

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