What Engineers do in Their Free Time

Was Forwarded this by my Brother – a convo between him (Electrical Engineer) and our buddy Brian (Aerospace Engineer). God, how do we even get girls to talk to us!

Here’s what engineers do at work:
Me & Brian Berg discussing each others careers,
He’s an Aerospace Engineer (joke engineering, based on black magic and voodoo).
I’m and Electrical Engineer (proud profession with a long history of important innovation):

8:54 AM Brian: hey Ev
7 minutes
9:02 AM me: hey
9:03 AM Brian: hows it goin?
hows accel rf?
7 minutes
9:10 AM me: good
hows work
Brian: boring
13 minutes
9:24 AM me: haha no
sorry i was busy
my boss from out of town has been in here all week
i was setting up the ol O-scope and taking some readings
9:25 AM Brian: O-Scope monkey
9:26 AM brb
9:30 AM EE clown!
9:32 AM me: i’m doing real world work with actual applications to real technology
9:33 AM not screwing around with your black magic hoodoo that you jokester AE’s do
Brian: you’re desiging crap made in China
me: you guys are a bunch of monkeys sitting around making paper airplanes
Brian: you guys can’t even connect the dots
9:34 AM take your 3rd grade electrical sets and go play somewhere else
this is where the big boys hang
9:35 AM me: you bunch of retards sit around playing with model rockets and think you know what you’re doing
nothing you do in that hack shop applies to the real world
9:36 AM Brian: what you do only applies to TV dinners and micowave popcorn
9:37 AM we make things fly higher than the eagle, and we design stuff made the USA
you solenoid sell-out
9:41 AM me: all you rocket jockeys sit around in your glass tower, think your better than other engineers. you’re just a bunch of no talent hacks building model airplanes and jerking each other off with rocket fuel
Brian: haha rocket jockey
hey I gtg
9:44 AM me: ok seeya

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