TGIF – Scooby Doo Held Hostage , A missing Coffee Mug, A Helicopter, and a Bonsai Tree for Ransom

What a friday this has been, and its only 11:30am!  I came in to work this morning to see that my favorite Scooby Doo sticker that has been stuck in the upper left corner of one of my… Read More

New Toy – ’67 Ford F250!

Evan and I picked this bad boy up for $900!  The lady was asking $2500, but apparently her husband had been deployed (marines) and she was moving off base and had to have it sold.  She was desperate… Read More

Who Remembers Mechwarrior

I don’t too many people who grew up as obsessed with the Mechwarrior games, Battletech universe, and FASA board games, but thanks to my cousin Steve, my brother and I sure did.  I have been wanting to recount… Read More