Why I’m Voting For Ron Paul

I was doing a bit of research in the polls today and saw some disturbing numbers…Ron Paul is very low in CA and nationwide polls, and I just don't understand why.  I see him having support of Democrats as well as Republicans – but I fear that a lot of Democrats will not switch to register Republican and vote for him when it actually counts.  I know I will be supporting him in our primary in February, and hope to God he can make it through, but time will tell I guess.  Check out this vid – it really put things in perspective for me.

Ron Paul really has his priorities in order.  I don't agree with him across the board 100%, but its rare to find a candidate that you do.  That being said I don't really like his stance on Gay Marriage and the fact that he is pro life…but I think with any strong conservative we will be hard pressed to see otherwise.  Regardless he hits home on some key issues for me:
  • Border Security
  • Taxes
  • Getting rid of the IRS!
  • Pulling out of the war in Iraq
  • Health Care

This country can really benefit from a strong Constitutionalist president putting us back on track.  I just hope enough people can see it too!

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