New Ink Soon!

So I asked Lacey to draw me up a new tat for my left shoulder since she designed the one on the inside of my left arm that I love so much.  She pulled through again with an amazing design!  I wanted something to keep in the theme of my other ink which is pretty much classic/traditional designs.  I really have been thinking long and hard about it and decided on something with a traditional sailor tattoo with a clipper ship and an anchor.  There were a lot of reasons behind this; I have swallows on my right arm which sailors would typically get after completing a journey of 5000 miles, and also to show freedom.  According to Lacey:

  traditionally, sailors got a ship when they'd made the big voyage around cape hornthe anchor symbolizes what grounds youlike a real anchor would ground shipso together i guess it means your out on a voyage but youve got something to keep you secure

I'm pretty stoked for this one, plus the angles of the ship and the anchor almost look like a skull and crossbones.  I'm not going for the face on the moon, but just a detailed, dark looking moon.  What do you think?  Guns


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