Reminds Me of "The Party"

Edit: I sent this vid to my friend Laura in Australia yesterday and she wrote me this back:

ha ha yeah that kid and he’s parties big news down here in aus!! sadly i dont go to 16 yr old parties.. but sounds like a good one to be at!! he’s in a heap of shit and has currently run away.. funny funny funny!!

This is by far the best video I have ever seen. Ever. Period. If anyone was at the party we threw at my parents house during the summer of 2002 – you know what I’m talking about. “The Party” was the best, most insane, dual-keg-and-ice-cream-freezer-full-of-booze parties that the 909 has ever seen. For a couple years afterwards I would have random kids stop me when I was in town and ask me if I was the guy who threw “The Party”. Well, yes. Yes I was. And this kid shall go down in history with me for throwing one of the most insane parties while his parents were out of town.

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