Wakeboarding, CLEGS, and Don’t See Juno

CIMG3475I had an awesome weekend thanks to the perfect weather we have been enjoying lately! Friday just chilled out, had dinner with Danielle’s family (who are a blast and totally remind me of my own), then relaxed at my place for the night. We got up at 8:30 to a clear, sunny day, loaded up the boat and headed out to the bay with Evan and a couple guys from DezertDimes.com. There was hardly anyone out on the water, so we had total glass all morning. Headed over to the Crowne Point side of the bay and started to shred.


Notice Danielle pulling an insane back roll… Yeah, she is teaching me how to do that. Someday. Without breaking my neck. 🙂

Despite having an awesome day of riding, I have a feeling my wakeboarding days are numbered because of the problems I’m having with my shoulder. I dislocated it in high school and have CIMG3498had trouble with it ever since. Starting to ride so much last summer has not been good for it, as it pretty much pops out of the socket every time I go out. I started wearing a brace which has helped, but of course thought I was fine without it yesterday, and fucked it up all over again. Its coming out quite a bit now and really bothering me, so I know I should go to the doctor but have been putting it off, mainly for the fact that I already know exactly what they will say and I will have to have surgery. Fuck.

Oh well, I guess thats what happens when you ride extreme like I do. Its a lifestyle…I just can’t change it.


Check out the whole album:

On another note, if you were a previous member of CLEGs (Coors Light Enjoyers Group), please visit http://groups.myspace.com/clegs and join. I recreated the famed group because, well, CL enthusiasts need a place to gather and discuss fresh liquid goodness.

Oh, and DO NOT see Juno. It sucks ass 🙂

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