A Call For Help and Punk Rock Bowling

2433329Click on the picture to check out the full res image.  How funny!  God I hope I never choose to end it on the Golden Gate bridge (If thats what this is)…you don’t even get a second thought!  Probably government budget cuts caused the old suicide hotline to shut down…poor bastards.  Reminds me of some documentary that someone was filming.  They set up cameras on either side of the bridge for a year to film people that were jumping off to commit suicide.  Turned out it was some pretty crazy footage, and then they would interview the people’s families and stuff.  I think they would make an attempt to stop them or something, but I can’t exactly remember…let me see if I can find a link.

Here, check THIS out.  A news article about the documentary.  Pretty grim but I have to say I would be interested to read it.


On to another, less depressing note – Punk Rock Bowling is coming up next weekend!  I’m flying out on friday to Vegas, my old roomate from SB, Jed, and I have flights that get in around the same time, so we’ll meet up in the airport and head out to Sam’s Town.  I’ve never been here before, but its a dirtbag hotel off the strip that pic22apparently has a quite fabulous bowling alley.  Sick bands will be rocking the entire weekend – Adolescents, 7Seconds, Youth Brigade, Manic Hispanic!  This is going to be in-tents (intense) like camping.  I am fully planning on party with no regard to personal safety, not taking responsibility for any of my actions, and coming back completely broke and regretting every single second of the trip.  Can you do Vegas any other way? I think not.

I am so stoked for a Santa Barbara reunion with Jed, Lyle, Deuce, The Hawaiians, Donald…the whole crew.  Haven’t seen any of these guys in nearly two years, so I’m sure its going to be just like old times.  I hope I don’t come back with any new ink…but who knows maybe something will have to be in order to commemorate the trip!  On that topic, I’m probably going to head up to SB to get my other arm finished by PJ of Energy Tattoo.  He did most of my stuff, and I really haven’t found anyone in SD that I trust to ink me.

Finally…sometimes the best things come across when you least expect them to.  Every time I try and tell myself thats not true, I get a slap in the face.  Life is great!

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