Warped Tour 2003 Memories

ianandjed In honor of my upcoming Vegas trip, I came across my pictures from when I went on Warped Tour in the summer of 2003. My room and band-mate (The same guy I’m heading to Vegas with in a week) Jed and I worked for the Ataris in Santa Barbara running their record store, Down On Haley. This was right after their CD – So Long Astoria came out. One off the agreements for them to go on tour was to be allowed to take the record store on tour. So we loaded up a truck with the entire record store and hit the road.

It was a hell of a week. We hit Ventura, San Diego, Long Beach, and San Francisco…did a hell of a lot of partying, and drove all night most nights. Had a few close calls trying to get to the venues on time since we were up pretty late most nights, but it was an experience I’ll never forget. I have a few stories, but I doubt they are too appropriate to tell in any situation unless its just kicking back over a couple of beers. So you’ll just have to be satisfied with a few pictures…I have no idea who most of these people are (the girls anyway) – so if its you or someone you know and you want them taken down, let me know.

*EDIT: I do remember one appropriate story…when the Ataris were playing in SD, my gf at the time came down to check out the show. I had forgotten it was our 6 month “anniversary” (Girls like to celebrate that stuff), so I asked Mike D (Bass player for the Ataris) if he could say something for me on stage. So in the middle of their set (she was in the crowd directly in front), Mike pulled me out in front of everyone and made an announcement (this is on the Warped Tour 2003 DVD) that I was a complete idiot and forgot our anniversary…long story short, turned out to be a gift that money can’t buy 🙂 (AKA: Totally got me off the hook!).

Anyway, enjoy the pictures:

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