Rockstar Energy Drinks and The American Way

Edit: I’m clearing out old posts I had save with the intention of posting a long time ago, here is one that was never finished…

Had an interesting convo with my oh so controversial friend Anglea up in Oregon today, who also happens to be an ecstatic user of Netsuite. We came to some realizations as to how working yourself to the grave in the wrong environment may or may not be the best thing after all:

[13:33] Angela: I swear I was born in the wrong generation
[13:33] i think that sometimes
[13:34] but i couldn’t live without my technology
[13:34] Angela: I could
[13:34] i hate todays PC bullshit
[13:34] Angela: I do all of my own canning, much of my own cooking- jams, soups, stews, etc
[13:34] Angela: fishing
[13:34] Angela: hunting
[13:34] Angela: all wood heat
[13:34] well, you are living in a different time then
[13:34] lol
[13:34] Angela: no, much healthier
[13:35] Angela: perhaps
[13:35] here in southern California, we have whats called grocery stores
[13:35] in fact, I just cracked open an ice cold energy drink
[13:35] which I bought at a convenience store nearby
[13:35] Angela: I’m happy with who I am- and for the record, we even have convenience stores
[13:35] Angela: bite my ass, babe
[13:35] it is now coursing vitamins, minerals, and caffeine through my brain
[13:36] enhancing my skills, hand eye coordination and attentiveness
[13:36] and then, in an hour when it has run its course
[13:36] I will be in worse shape than before
[13:36] like a late night coke binge
[13:36] Angela: yeah, well I am having fresh salmon again for lunch, along with zucchini bread, and diet pepsi
[13:36] damn you
[13:36] im getting fat
[13:36] Angela: and I will feel even better in an hour
[13:36] haha
[13:37] Angela: so, I like my hicksville, behind the times, little world
[13:37] doesn’t sound too bad
[13:37] Angela: you can have the city lights, crowds, bullshit and parties
[13:37] Angela: more power to you
[13:37] Angela: 😉
[13:37] like my roomate commented after working his first couple weeks full time: Corporate america makes you fat
[13:37] because you sit at a desk all day

She always gives me a fresh perspective…maybe because shes up in Oregon?

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