My First Sprout

Don’t know if anyone else has signed up for the SproutBuilder Beta – but its totally awesome!  This free service (In private beta right now – but I signed up yesterday and was admitted today!) makes it super… Read More

Tracy Morgan in Blackass

Thanks to Dirt McGirt for this one!  

Why I’m Voting For Ron Paul

I was doing a bit of research in the polls today and saw some disturbing numbers…Ron Paul is very low in CA and nationwide polls, and I just don't understand why.  I see him having support of Democrats… Read More

Crash Testing A Jeep Cherokee

Sent to me by Rags – we are actively searching Craigslist for a beater to do this to.

Breakfast of the Gods

Check out this online comic.  Takes me back to when breakfast really was the most important meal of the day!  

F*CK Planet Earth

Speaks for itself: Fuck Planet Earth on

New Jersey Club Scene Douchebags

I haven’t posted in awhile, but as I was cruising the series of tubes I came across some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. Apparently there is an entirely new class of douchebags that we should have… Read More