Merry Christmas, Gmail Hacks, and Cool Pictures

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! I’m sitting up at my parents house in the 909 typing this. Waiting on some breakfast to be ready, and then open a few presents. Figured it was the perfect time for a blog post since I have all but completely neglected T&T the past couple months. So…I hope everyone is having a great Christmas day!

Heads up to everyone who uses Gmail – I think this problem has been solved by google, but it still kind of scared me, although I don’t really use my gmail address for any important information. Check out this link
to see what happened to this guy. After reading it I immediately checked all my filters, and found some outdated ones, but nothing that looked dangerous.

In other news, I’m hosting my friend Lacey’s website, She is an amazing artist, and currently going to school in Boston for art. Check it out!

–Old post from Christmas I was meaning to put up…I’ll just publish it today anyway! 🙂

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