Almost-Christmas Update

Hey everyone, if there is anyone still left reading this since I have pretty much completely abandoned Tech & Tonic lately.  Man, real blogging takes dedication and time, both which, I just do not have.  Regardless, this update can be more for me than for you, just to keep track of what has been going on in my life lately:

568px-Alternate_Ubuntu_logo First of all, I’m back to running Ubuntu 7.1 (Gutsy Gibbon) on my laptop.  Anderson is ragging on me for this because every 6 months or so I throw linux on there, get frustrated, and take it off and go back to windows.  Well I was under the impression that 7.1 was supposed to configure most things right out of the box…which it did not.  I spent most of last night struggling with ndiswrapper trying to get my broadcom wireless card to work.  I finally succeeded, and now just can’t figure out how to get it to activate when I boot up the system.  Also, it seems to take an abnormally long time to boot up, hanging with a black screen for over a minute every time I restart.  Oh, well, I’m not giving up this time!

In other news, we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house.  I mean, we really Christmased the shit out of this place.  Its impossible to come into our house and not be so fucking jolly that you can’t stop smiling.  Check this 8′ beast out!

CIMG3452 CIMG3453 CIMG3454 We went over to Home Depot last weekend and got a great deal on this bad boy.  We were debating getting a fake tree, but decided on this one because its so much better to have a real tree!  We got the fireplace going too, so its been a pretty good atmosphere around D Street.



In other news, I picked up a sick 42″ High Def 1080p LCD tv on Black Friday.  Yeah, its a Polaroid, but I am extremely impressed by the quality of this TV.  Not to mention the price I got it for can’t be beat!  Wal Mart was basically handing these things out.  It barely fits in my tiny room, but nothing beats playing some Call of Duty online with this big of a screen!

I’m sure anyone who frequents Digg knows about the Virgin America deal, buy one get one free plane tix, and they start flying out of SD In early Feb!  The whole crew is buying tix to New York for a little D Street vacation!  Check this link out, hurry because you have to buy them before the 6th (tomorrow!)

I’m also heading up to Vegas in January for PUNK ROCK BOWLING !  I’ll be meeting up with the entire old Santa Barbara crew – Vaj, Lyle, Deuce, The Rook, Donald, the Hawaiians, for a mess of a weekend involving Punk Rock, Booze, Bowling, and god knows what.  Maybe I’ll end up coming back with a few new tattoos!  Should prove to be awesome, as we haven’t all gotten together for a reunion in quite a while.

Anyway, that should do it for an update.  I’d like to say I will be better about staying current…but who knows.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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