Work, mySQL, Social Networking, and Robot Ice Cream

Funny how life can be running 90 miles an hour, and suddenly come crashing to a halt.  I have been working myself into the ground lately, both at work and then working on website work after dark.  I’ve got a couple of new sites in the works, and some ideas that could possibly generate a bit of revenue.  I won’t be revealing them right now, however, because the Internet is definitely not a safe place for secrets.


Finally got DBG Concepts site up and running.  It will need some more tweaking on the photo gallery and individual pages, but the basic site is complete, and pretty fucking awesome if you ask me!  I think the guys over at DBG are pretty stoked with it. 

Matt just made a pretty interesting MYSQL  discovery.  Check out this link for some awesome information on relevance searching.  Apparently its built in to the mysql engine to use any of these criteria for searching information in the database. (Matt swears he has just unlocked the code to googles ranking algorithms…I am on the fence)  The discovery came about while looking for a good way to set up a tagging and searching system for the online media player he is working out.  Should be pretty sweet when (if) released.

logoAnother buddy of mine is working on a myspace-killer site.  It is still in an invite-only beta, so I won’t mention it until he gives me the ok.  For a San Diego based myspace type social networking adventure, check out YouPod.   A good friend of mine created it with his two brothers, and its slowly gaining some recognition.  Built in chat, cool social features like integrating youtube vids, rank photos and music.  I was at a house party with these guys in Point Loma on Friday, and apparently my picture had been posted on the front page for quite a while and people were recognizing me for it.  Good and bad I guess – its like I told my friend Kayla about being good at Guitar Hero – Its a two edged sword.  One of those things that you can work really hard to be good at but it doesn’t really benefit you in any way for excelling at it – in fact it makes it kind of awkward that you wasted that much time and don’t have much to show for it.  Eh, if you are enjoying yourself then I supposed its not really a waste, now is it?  And I always enjoy myself!

Finally, I had a recent conversation with Moto about online dating.  Hey, its the 21st century, so why the fuck not, right?  I mean, I spend 75% of my day on a computer, there’s nothing wrong that, it helps me sustain a pretty damn good lifestyle.  Well, most people I know are on a computer all day long – you obviously are right now if you are reading this.  So, then, what’s the problem with meeting people via this form of communication?  Answer: nothing.  That’s not the point here….

The point was that if you have a paragraph to convince someone that you are interesting and worth their time, how do you fully utilize that?  I maintain that the most important part would be the subject of the message – this is your one line to really sell yourself.  Moto was thinking its good to have something catchy about yourself, or something about the other person..but i thought – why not something so fucking random that they will be totally intrigued and want to talk Freaky_Ice-Cream_1600x1200to you to find out, at the very least, just what the hell you were thinking to type that.  Something so irrelevant that it would keep you up nights if you didn’t respond to it.  My title: Robot Ice Cream!  Ok this is kind of weird, but if someone sent me a message with that title, I would have to know why the hell they would write that.    (btw – this picture just seemed perfect for the image in my head).  So, from now on, whenever writing anyone a message, I will title it Robot Ice Cream.  Even at work.  Its time to spice things up a little bit.

I’m out 🙂

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