Work Consumes My Life, and the End of Beach Parties

I apologized for the lack of posting around here lately, but I have been slammed at work.  ESET just released our new version of NOD32 Antivirus version 3.0, and our new product, ESET Smart Security.  Both of these are awesome products, getting rave reviews, and honestly, software that I would use even if I did not work for the company that makes them.  I mean, if Leo Laporte stands behind a product (we don’t pay him a dime for any advertising references) you know its got to be good!


Anyway, that explains my lack of posting frequency, but I have other things on my mind….

It was just made official – the SD city council has approved a 1 year alcohol ban on San Diego beaches.  WTF.  I never thought this would go through.  All because of the labor day “riot” where 15 people were temporarily detained and they threw the cops out in full force in riot gear.  Give me a break. 

Check out THIS LINK to the Union Tribune article.  I am concerned because I don’t know if this will apply to boats – I doubt it.  Which means that my mobile party center just got a hell of a lot more valuable.  Still, it takes the fun out of anchoring just off the beach and checking out the party going on on the shore.


Look at these bitches!  Do these three women look like a realistic representation of San Diego beachgoers?  These three middle aged bags represented the San Diego public in getting the city council to vote 5-2 on a one year ban to get booze off the beaches.  Do they even take this seriously?  It looks to me like the whole situation was little more than an excuse to screen print a couple shirts, and they probably headed out to their beachside homes after the meeting to enjoy a nice bottle of chardonnay all while talking about the sad state their city is in due to the reckless young adults that THEY ONCE WERE.  It really pisses me off when the older generation does shit like this to keep the younger generation down.  I’m all for compromise, like Jerry Sander’s idea to just ban booze on holidays – that is a great compromise, but no, like the color of this bitches glasses – she was out for blood.

Check out these two links to other articles with some more information:

SF Gate Article

LA Times Article

Lifeguards abandoned their towers and San Diego police donned riot gear to avoid a barrage of beer cans and plastic bottles.

Wow – good thing they donned full fucking RIOT GEAR to avoid a riot?  Oh, no, to avoid beer cans and plastic bottles.  We all know it takes complete riot gear to not get hurt by a bottle.  a PLASTIC bottle.  Which goes to prove another point – no one was breaking any laws by having glass bottles there.  No, they all respected the city ordinance and just drank from aluminum and plastic.  Buts that’s not good enough.

Sometimes, San Diego sucks.

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