Another Halloween Past


I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Halloween! How did I celebrate, you might ask? I worked until 6 and then came home and laid on the couch. Helped Tiny Tousley carve a pumpkin that turned out pretty awesome, check it out:

Pretty creative, if I do say so myself. We only had about 20 kids come by trick-or-treating, (in about 2 groups of 10). We determined that the reason for this is that Evan went and bought the cheapest candy he could find (I was calling them Jewbies), but I’m not really sure what they were – some nasty gummy shit manufactured in a third world sweatshop. I surmise word got around to the neighborhood kids that we were handing out shitty candy, and the little bastards boycotted our house. Whatever, more jewbies for me.

Remember what it was like on Halloween when you were younger – getting all CIMG3411geared up and grabbing some pillowcases to hold all that fucking candy that was going to jack you up on a mega sugar-high for the next week! Evan, Andy, Cam, and I layed around on the couch and discussed how we should just leave a bowl of candy on the porch and then we wouldn’t have to get up to give it out to kids. But I pointed out how if you do that there is always the kid who dumps the entire bowl into his bag and then there is nothing left for the rest of the night. Ah, the politics of Halloween.

It kind of sucked to watch Halloween come and go from the couch, but I realized that’s all I have to really look forward to anymore. In college we would have gotten blasted even though it was a wednesday night because, hey, it an excuse to celebrate. In High School and earlier we would have gone trick or treating or done something ridiculous…but now – hey we have to work tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. And it never ends. Realize this – come to terms with it the sooner the better. Man I would have a lot of fun if it weren’t for work, and if I could support myself some other way.

It was interested to talk to my friend in Australia and learn that they really don’t have any Halloween at all. She wrote me:

So HALLOWEEN, unlike u americans, it means nothing to us.. Ie i dont think ive ever dressed up in a halloween costume in my life. Maybe if it fell on a friday or saturday night and someone was to have a theme party, they may do it as that, but thatd be as far as us aussies take it! Funny to hear that ur work dresses up but.

How wierd to think that other cultures don’t participate in our traditions. Kind of thought it was worldwide, I’m not sure why. Come to think of it…no one else really cares about Thanksgiving now do they?

Shitty weather comes with the territory of Fall, but we do get to enjoy some CIMG3382killer sunsets living by the bay. This was out on the water on Sunday – kind of a cold, cloudy day, but it makes for some good wakeboarding since no one else wants to be out on the water in these conditions, and we are, well, crazy.

Got to love San Diego sometimes, and hate it others. Checked out the new movie “Return to House on Haunted Hill”, and it was awesome. Super Gory and Extremely bloody, just how I like it. The first one was one of my favorite movies, so this was super awesome.

Finally – I got some culture infused in my plain white life. I MADE SUSHI! Moto and Evan and I went to this crazy chinese store and got a bunch of shit and made the bombest sushi ever! Aided by a huge 2 foot tall bottle of Sake, we got fucked up and had more fun making dinner than we had eating it. Check out the pix:

So there is my update. Sorry I haven’t been posting any great content lately – life has been busy, and ESET is about to release some new AntiVirus software, so its been crazy preparing for that. I will work harder to be better! And, its time to start decorating for Christmas! See ya.

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