ZOMGBBQPIZZA and ROFLberry pwncakes

hhahaahahaha. This is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I’m not one for chat/1337speek, but this shit is ridiculous. Who can’t help but laugh at this? The superior being of chatspeak, ‘roflcopter’ out takes down all lollerbladers,… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

Short post, but I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving.  Seeing as how I’m posting this at 11:12pm after drinking quite a bit – I have thoroughly enjoyed mine.  I’ll leave you with a few shots of Evan and… Read More

I (Want To) Feel This Way

From Hatebook today: I hate how hard it is to concentrate on something because I’m constantly thinking about her. I consciously know that it’s stupid how much time I spend dreaming about her and that her and I… Read More

Work, mySQL, Social Networking, and Robot Ice Cream

Funny how life can be running 90 miles an hour, and suddenly come crashing to a halt.  I have been working myself into the ground lately, both at work and then working on website work after dark.  I’ve… Read More

A New Game and Mondays Suck

I signed on Gtalk this morning and had the most random conversation with Greg. My status thing on Gtalk said “Hit me with music”.  Which apparently was interesting to Greg.  Which apparently led to an interesting new game. … Read More

DragonForce Rocks so Fucking Hard!

I listen to music all day at work and I can’t get enough of DragonForce.  This band rocks harder than anything ever created.  Dual wailing guitar solos, sweet effex, double bass so fast my ears can barely keep… Read More

Work Consumes My Life, and the End of Beach Parties

I apologized for the lack of posting around here lately, but I have been slammed at work.  ESET just released our new version of NOD32 Antivirus version 3.0, and our new product, ESET Smart Security.  Both of these… Read More